Indonesia’s National Innovation System Resource Center (INIS-RC) is a virtual center to provide latest information related to Indonesia’s National Innovation System initiatives and development. This Center was developed with the support from Asia Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology (APCTT) UN-ESCAP.

The objectives of this NIS Resource Center are to provide a comprehensive source of information on policies, programs, institutions, researches, and intermediaries related to Indonesia NIS. As such all stakeholders in Indonesia will have easy access to such resources to enable them to have a good picture of latest Indonesia NIS development, programs, services offered by various organizations/innovation actors such as institutions of various ministries of the Government of Indonesia, private companies, non-governmental organizations, etc. INIS-RC plays a facilitating role in promoting technology innovation in Indonesia. This Resource Center will also become an important source of information as inputs for policy makers in helping them formulating and monitoring policies and programs on NIS.

For those who wish to inform any important news, initiatives, programs, and policies related to Indonesia’s innovation systen please send the information to INIS-RC administrator at admin(at)sinas-indonesia.org for considering to be published on this web.


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