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International Forum for “the Belt and Road” Countries’ Economic Development and Energy Security Cooperation

This International Forum to be held on 24-28 June 2017 in Beijing. International Forum on “the Belt & Road Initiative” Countries’ Economic Development and Energy Security Cooperation” aims to provide a diversified platform for all the Chinese and international experts, scholars, officials and any other knowledgeable participants from either the national or regional authorities, academies, units or industries. A discussion will explore possible economic cooperation and energy collaboration between China and the participating countries. The forum comprises two section, namely: Section One on International Seminars and Mutual Understandings conducted at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Section Two on Energy Interconnection under “the Belt & Road Initiative”. Participants of the Forum come from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Ukraina. Updates of this International Forum will be published on the Site. Stay Tuned! Manaek Simamora
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