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Puan Maharani to Give Directives at Kick Off Meeting of Indonesia’s National STP Program

Starting 2015, Indonesia has taken a bold move to establish and develop 100 Science and Technology Parks across the country. This is one of the implementation of President Joko Widodo’s, commonly popular known as Jokowi, national development priorities as specified at the Nawa Cita (9 goals). The objectives of this national development program is to enhance people productivity and competitiveness on national industry in the global market.

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Ministry of Research and Technology To Launch Technology Incubation Program Soon…

Technopreneurs have become one of very important pillars of a nation economy partly due to its capability to deliver significant impact such as new quality employment, tax, and other social impact such as poverty reduction, etc. Technopereneurs and newly technology-based firms also play significant role in the adoption of new technology or research results from R&D institution both public and private, higher education, and other technology providers including from international market. Through the adoption of technology innovation, firms can produce high value added products to serve local and global market. National Mid Term Development Plan of Indonesia (RPJMN) has also placed the promotion of new technopreneurs as one of its primary objective of the science and technology development area.

National Conference on Innovation and Technopreneurship

Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) in collaboration with Indonesian Agroindustry Association will organize National Seminar on Innovation and Technopreneurship with them Educate and Create Innovators and Technopreneurs to be held in Bogor on 18 – 19 February 2013. This conference will present Mr.Dahlan Iskan, Minister for State Owned Enterprises, who has an unique way to promote innovation, entreprenuers, practitioners, and prominent scholars. During the Conference there will be Business Ideas Pitches…

Science Technology Innovation (STI) Policy and Sustainable Growth

Innovation is key element of competitiveness of a nation. Sustainable economic growth can only be achieved through mastering and exploitation of innovation. It is through innovation high value added can be generated. Comparative advantage such as richness of natural resources, large number of population, etc. cannot become s sustainable source of competitiveness. This is because comparative advantage can only generate a very low value added. And in many cases this comparative advantage are used by other nation which are lacking of this resources to drive their economic growth by wisely using them as input to its high added value added industry development. High added value is created by innovative process, activities, and technologies. In other words sustainable economic growth can only be achieved through innovation. The experience of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, just to name a few is a proof of this phenomenon.

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