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METI (Masyarakat Energi Terbarukan Indonesia) Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (IRES)

logoPower Generation/Clean EnergyCommunication, consultancy and cooperation forum among Renewable Energy (RE) practitioner.METI establishes various Groups, each focusing on a particular Renewable Energy, including Solar PV, Geothermal, Micro Hydro, Biomass, and Other RE (such as Wind, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Ethanol, and Tidal Wave. Each Focus Group deals with concerns and prospects of maximum and effective use of RE available in Indonesia, and it strives toward continuous development, applications, promotion, advocacy and support for using RE on which it is focusing on. The outputs produced by each Focus Group will be compiled and used by METI for the government, legislators and other stakeholders on...

EEP (Energy and Environmental Partnership) based on agreement between Finland and Indonesia

logoOverall Objective of EEP Indonesia is the increased access to sustainable renewable energy and reduced growth rate of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the participating provinces of IndonesiaActivities:- Capacity building/ training- Pilot and demonstration projects on renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste-to energy.- Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies on renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste to-energy, environmental impact assessments (EIA).- Strategic studies for renewable energy and energy efficiency development and biomass production and utilization for energy production.

IESR (Institute for Essential Services Reform)

logoIn IESR, we believe that energy is an essential requirement (essential) for mankind in this modern era. Energy is required to perform a variety of social and economic activities. Energy supports the fulfillment of basic needs like food cooked (cooked food), a comfortable temperature, lighting, the use of household devices, water treatment and waste, health care, education, transport and communications. Energy services derived from the extraction and conversion of energy resources found in nature (oil, gas, coal, renewables). Access to and availability of sufficient energy is an essential prerequisite for the fulfillment of other essential and ensure human development. The...

Yayasan IBEKA (Institut Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan)

Develop small hydropowers project (5 - 400 kWatts) to electrify poor, rural communities across Indonesia in the scope of Citizen/Community Participation, Energy, Income Generation. By creating economic incentives and financing programs to unlock the power of hydro, Tri Mumpuni is helping rural Indonesia realize its best option for a reliable power supply. For Mumpuni, the key to bringing about rural electrification is keeping the system community-based. The sustainability of the project depends heavily upon the community ownership of the system. It allows the community to have equity in funding the system, make decisions for its design and operation, and develop...

Darma Persada University

logoThis is private University located in Jakarta. The University offering special study program on renewable energy which is related to rural development. The name of the study program is “Progam Study Pembangunan Pedesaan Berbasis Energy Terbarukan” (study program on rural development based on renewable energy). Student can study many aspect on implementation of renewable energy such as energy and economic and energy and environment. The unique of this program is its availability to study implementation of renewable energy from the view of human behavior.

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