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Solo Technopark (STP)

logoSolo Technopark (STP) at the center of the development of the Human Resources International standard and capable of being the driving force of the economy through innovative activities. Technopark Solo Mission is:      Improve the welfare of the community through increased human resource competencies and mastery of science and technology.      Building a culture of innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and quality conscious to improve competitiveness.      Developing the economic potential and increase the attractiveness of the investment.

I-CELL (Innovation Cell) Business and Technology Incubator – Politeknik ATMI Surakarta

logoI-CELL (Cell Innovation) Business and Technology Incubator prepared by ATMI Surakarta since 2006 and began to be tested (pilot project) in 2008. I-Cell is a project that aims to develop and test potential and new business ventures. In this project the talented young generation is given the chance to shape their future become the main actors in the development of the industry. I-CELL is expected to produce experts in technology and new entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs). -CELL with the motto Innovation for a Brighter Future train young people from all over Indonesia have been on the team for 4 months. This team...

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