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METI (Masyarakat Energi Terbarukan Indonesia) Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (IRES)

logoPower Generation/Clean EnergyCommunication, consultancy and cooperation forum among Renewable Energy (RE) practitioner.METI establishes various Groups, each focusing on a particular Renewable Energy, including Solar PV, Geothermal, Micro Hydro, Biomass, and Other RE (such as Wind, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Ethanol, and Tidal Wave. Each Focus Group deals with concerns and prospects of maximum and effective use of RE available in Indonesia, and it strives toward continuous development, applications, promotion, advocacy and support for using RE on which it is focusing on. The outputs produced by each Focus Group will be compiled and used by METI for the government, legislators and other stakeholders on...

International Institute for Clean Energy and Climate Change

logoIICECC is an international institute that deals with the issues of clean energy and climate change by conducting policy and technology research, development, implementation, and education for the benefit of mankind and the planet earth.Activities are conducted by a multi-disciplinary scientists and professionals associated with the institute in the country where they work or live and the results will be accessable to members and qualified associates rusult of researches and studies will also be accessible to public. IICECC is a non-profit organization which receives its operational funds from various national and international donors and is accountable for the use of...

PT Pertamina

logoPertamina is national Oil Company, but also has develop research and development in the area of Biofuel and biogas and hydrogen. PT. Pertamina has established PT Pertamina Geothermale Energy which responsible for exploration renewable energy Geothermal energy in Indonesia.

Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources The Republic of Indonesia

logoESDM is a ministry that has a function to create a national policy formulation, policy implementation and technical policy in the field of energy and mineral resources; implementation of government affairs in the field of energy and mineral resources; management of property / wealth of the country is the responsibility of the Department; Oversight Department of task execution and delivery of the evaluation report, suggestion and consideration in the duties and functions of the Department to the President.

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