IESR (Institute for Essential Services Reform)


logo In IESR, we believe that energy is an essential requirement (essential) for mankind in this modern era. Energy is required to perform a variety of social and economic activities. Energy supports the fulfillment of basic needs like food cooked (cooked food), a comfortable temperature, lighting, the use of household devices, water treatment and waste, health care, education, transport and communications. Energy services derived from the extraction and conversion of energy resources found in nature (oil, gas, coal, renewables). Access to and availability of sufficient energy is an essential prerequisite for the fulfillment of other essential and ensure human development. The absence or lack of access to energy could hamper the ability of people to benefit from the opportunities created by economic development, and improve the quality of life. Equitable access to energy and berkelanjuan obtained from the extraction, management and sustainable use of natural resources who value environmental support (environmental carrying capacity), considering the ecological and social justice, as well as the utilization of renewable resources optimally to reduce the pressure of exploitation of energy resources not renewable. In addition, the active participation of the public in the entire value chain (value chain) extraction of energy resources, and in the determination of public policy (public policy) energy supply is an important prerequisite to ensure that the interests and public benefits are not neglected. Essential Vision Growing sovereign management of energy resources in a fair and sustainable, providing the highest award for human rights over natural resources, with due respect to social justice (social justice) and gender equality (gender justice) for the creation of energy needs sustainable, affordable and fair. Mission Essential IESR intends to deconstruct lameness management of energy resources for the realization of sustainable energy use, affordable and fair, through the following activities: policy advocacy, research, information and capacity development non-governmental organizations, and the development of networks. IESR (Institute for Essential Services Reform) is a think tank that actively advocate and campaign for securing the energy needs of society, fairness in the utilization of natural resources and ecological sustainability.IESR incorporated in 2007 as a continuation of the WGPSR (Working Group on Power Sector Restructuring), a working group that advocates electricity policy in Indonesia in the period 2001-2006.After WGPSR mandate ended in 2006, based on recommendations from the external evaluation carried out by the South Research (Belgium) and agreements comprising members WGPSR INFID, ICW, YLKI, PIRAC, LBH Jakarta, YayasanGemiDebtWatch and Nastiti (Geni), formed a more permanent institution with a focus on broader issues than the electricity sector, but the energy sector in Indonesia.In 2007, IESR stand in the form of association and its members are individuals of representative members WGPSR before. Idiom "Essential Services" in the name refers IESR "energy and water services" that we think are the essential needs of every man which can not be ignored and become part of the economic and social Council (ECOSOC) of modern human rights.In the subsequent program development, now IESR mefokuskan themselves on four issues, namely: energy, electricity, climate change, and the extractive industries. For the period 2008 - 2013, IESR work on four strategic programs:1. Access to Energy2. Electricity Governance3. Climate Justice4. Extractive Industry ReformIESR put ourselves as a leading think tank for civil society groups. To support the achievement of the objectives set, IESR undertake analysis and research, and public policy advocacy, and campaign specific issues. In addition, IESR also implement capacity building and technical support organizations or civil society groups to help them achieve their advocacy goals.


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