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Atmajaya University Yogyakarta

logoAtmajaya University located in Yogyakarta. The University established Centre for Energy Study (PSE = Pusat Study Energy) in 2007. The centre is build to respond the increase of energy demand in Indonesia. This study program emphasize impact of implication of energy program to economic, social-culture, politics and policy beside its nature problems, its technology. The study program also emphasize social aspect of the implementation of renewable energy such as changing from fossil energy to renewable energy

Darma Persada University

logoThis is private University located in Jakarta. The University offering special study program on renewable energy which is related to rural development. The name of the study program is “Progam Study Pembangunan Pedesaan Berbasis Energy Terbarukan” (study program on rural development based on renewable energy). Student can study many aspect on implementation of renewable energy such as energy and economic and energy and environment. The unique of this program is its availability to study implementation of renewable energy from the view of human behavior.

Politeknik Negeri (Technical Vocational Academy) Jember

logoPoliteknik Negeri Jember is state polytechnic located in east java. The program they offer involved technical program and management program on renewable energy. Biofuel is the main focus for development by this polytechnic. However, they also provide other area of renewable energy such as micro hydro, solar , and wind. Beside the area in producing energy, Politeknik Negeri Jember give an opportunities for student to study energy process.

International Institute for Clean Energy and Climate Change

logoIICECC is an international institute that deals with the issues of clean energy and climate change by conducting policy and technology research, development, implementation, and education for the benefit of mankind and the planet earth.Activities are conducted by a multi-disciplinary scientists and professionals associated with the institute in the country where they work or live and the results will be accessable to members and qualified associates rusult of researches and studies will also be accessible to public. IICECC is a non-profit organization which receives its operational funds from various national and international donors and is accountable for the use of...

Universitas Tanjungpura

logoTanjungpura Univeristy Pontianak undertakes some educational program on Biodiesel as the main course of their research and development in renewable Energy.

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