Science Technology Innovation (STI) Policy and Sustainable Growth

Innovation is key element of competitiveness of a nation. Sustainable economic growth can only be achieved through mastering and exploitation of innovation. It is through innovation high value added can be generated. Comparative advantage such as richness of natural resources, large number of population, etc. cannot become s sustainable source of competitiveness. This is because comparative advantage can only generate a very low value added. And in many cases this comparative advantage are used by other nation which are lacking of this resources to drive their economic growth by wisely using them as input to its high added value added industry development. High added value is created by innovative process, activities, and technologies. In other words sustainable economic growth can only be achieved through innovation. The experience of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, just to name a few is a proof of this phenomenon.

The question then, why not all nations can reach such a sustainable economic growth? Can innovation development practice in other countries be emulated so as to enhance a country competitiveness?

Different stages and levels economic growth or competitiveness experienced by different countries is among other due to different stages and levels of innovation capacity. Likewise, it seems that innovation development practice of certain country can be learnt but cannot be copied due to specific characteristic of every country. Somehow, one thing is common in all countries is that innovation policy play important role in enhancing a national innovation capacity and its national competitiveness.

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It is therefore necessary to learn from other country experience on how the develop their innovation policy. Through this learning a country will be in a better position to design its own national innovation policy considering its own country circumstances of characteristics.

It seems that Indonesia and other 22 participating APEC member economies can gain benefits from the Workshop on STI Strategy Development in Practice to be held on 28 – 31 January 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This Workshop is co-organized by Indonesian Institute of Sciences-LIPI, STEPI-Korea, and MEST supported by APEC.

Some key insights from this Workshop will be shared through this Indonesia’s National Innovation System Resource Center (I-NIS RC) site.

By  Manaek Simamora

Center for Innovation, Indonesian Institute of Sciences-LIPI/

General Secretary, Association of Indonesian Business Incubators (AIBI),

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