Ministry of Research and Technology To Launch Technology Incubation Program Soon…

Technopreneurs have become one of very important pillars of a nation economy partly due to its capability to deliver significant impact such as new quality employment, tax, and other social impact such as poverty reduction, etc. Technopereneurs and newly technology-based firms also play significant role in the adoption of new technology or research results from R&D institution both public and private, higher education, and other technology providers including from international market. Through the adoption of technology innovation, firms can produce high value added products to serve local and global market. National Mid Term Development Plan of Indonesia (RPJMN) has also placed the promotion of new technopreneurs as one of its primary objective of the science and technology development area.

One of effective strategies to develop  NTBFs or technopreneurs is through technology incubation program. This strategy has been proven effective in nurturing NTBFs. Through incubation process technical and business risk can be minimized and managed in line with the capacity of technopreneurs; get various support such as skill development and facilitation to various sources of knowledge sources, access to market, access to financial sources, etc. Incubation process at the same time can help to accelerate technology diffusion from various sources of technology providers.

It is within this contect, the Ministry of Research and Technology will soon launch technology incubation program aiming at accelerating the growth of new technopreneurs in Indonesia. This program will also help to accomplish the objective of technology diffusion program (Incentive Program on Technology Diffusion)  in this Ministry. In 2013, technology incubation program will strengthen the capacity of technology incubator of various R&D institution and higher education located in the area of greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek). The selected tenants will be hosted in incubator facility in Science and Technology Park Puspiptek Serpong.  According to Mr. Yani Sofyan, Head Division for Technology Acquisition and Development for Small and Medium Industry, the Ministry of Research and Technology, this program will be officially launched by the end of March 2013. And after 2013 this program will be introduced to technology incubators in other regions to be determined later.

So stay tuned…..


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