Solo Techno Park

The first techno park in Indonesia More »

Liquid and Solid Organic Fertilizer Using Earthworms

Production facility of liquid and solid organic fertilizer using earthworms at Maejo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand has been widely disseminated to various municipalities and regions in Thailand. This facility is also used as research facility for post graduate students at Maejo University. (ms) More »

Bio-Hydro Technology Incubator - Center for Innovation LIPI

Development of Bio-Hydro Technology Incubator, Center for Innovation LIPI at the finishing stage at Cibinong Science Centre. More »

Bandung Techno Park

Focussing in ICT More »


Science Technology Innovation (STI) Policy and Sustainable Growth

Innovation is key element of competitiveness of a nation. Sustainable economic growth can only be achieved through mastering and exploitation of innovation. It is through innovation high value added can be generated. Comparative advantage such as richness of natural resources, large number of population, etc. cannot become s sustainable source of competitiveness. This is because comparative advantage can only generate a very low value added. And in many cases this comparative advantage are used by other nation which are lacking of this resources to drive their economic growth by wisely using them as input to its high added value added industry development. High added value is created by innovative process, activities, and technologies. In other words sustainable economic growth can only be achieved through innovation. The experience of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, just to name a few is a proof of this phenomenon.

Green Technology Network for SMEs Competitiveness in the Asia Pacific Region


Workshop on Development of APEC Green Technology Network is a part of the implementation of the Project on Green Technology Initiative: Establishing Green Technology Innovation Network to Support SME Development. Economic cialis professional growth and job creation in APEC’s member markets can be bolstered by enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs through the promotion the use of new technologies by SMEs and supporting the growth of green SMEs to thrive in a green growth economy. As such systematic endeavors to provide supporting facilities and access to information of the best green technology and green technology-based products and services to SMEs amongst the APECs member economies will help SMEs to improve its business process, productivity, innovation capacity which will lead to its competitiveness.

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