Science and Technology Park

Solo Techno Park
Solo Techno Park (STP) is a Public Service Agency (Badan Layanan Umum-BLU) established in 2011 with the Surakarta Major Decree number: 530/66-B/1/2011 on 7 November.

STP has sets its Vision to become center of excellence on the development of human resources with international standard and being a driver of economy through innovative activities.

STP missions are:
• To carry out the improvement of people welfare though the enhancement of human resource competency and the mastery of science and technology;
• To develop innovative culture, entrepreneurship spirit and quality awareness to enhance Indonesia competitiveness;
• To develop economy potential and to increase investment attractiveness.

With such vision and mission, STP objectives are:
• To provide education and training to enhance human resource competitiveness in the industrial area;
• To provide services on research, innovation, and technology for SMEs;
• To provide services in fostering the growth of industry / new industry cluster.

STP ManagementExecutive Director: L. Sumadi, Ing. HTL, M.Si.
General Affair Director: Darsono, SE, SH
Services and Business Development Director: Gampang Sarwono, ST
Finance Director: Drs. Riche Chandrawati, M.Si.


1.Education and Training
The Center for Education and Practical Application (CEPA) offers practical training programs and consulting services for applied technologies and complements the training and advisory portfolio within the Solo Technopark.
In tailored training programs the professional skills of graduates from vocational schools and universities, vocational school teachers and employees of the industry are improved thus leveraging their chances on the labor market respectively their abilities to effectively teach their students.
Currently, STP offers the following trainings:
• Manufacturing mecahnics;
• Welding;
• Garment mechanics

Teaching FactoryTeaching factory concept is an extension from vocational curriculum in Solo. After deepening theoretical understanding at vocational school, the senior students learn to develop products and services in the real production condition. The students are supported with outstanding mentoring, experienced trainers, and up-to-date production facilities. As such, gap between practical needs by industry and theoretical training at vocational schools are significantly reduced so as to increase career opportunity of the students.

Currently, teaching factory offered are available in the following areas:
• Automotive;
• Technology Information and Electronics;
• Mechanical engineering;

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